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I just ordered the print edition of The Condominium Manual. How soon can I expect to receive it?
Once payment has been confirmed, we will process your order within two business days. Shipping usually takes one to two weeks. If you pre-purchased the next edition of The Condominium Manual, please see the next question.

When can I pre-order the next print edition of The Condominium Manual?
The 4th edition of The Condominium Manual is currently being written by Mike Mangan. With a large number of amendments to the Strata Property Act expected in 2015, the print edition of the book may not be ready until late 2015 or early 2016. As soon as a firm publication date is set, we will open up pre-orders. Stay tuned!!

When will I be able to access the brand new Online Edition service?
The Online Edition is now available!

Is the Online Edition the same as TCM Online

I purchased a book, can I access TCM Online until the book arrives?
Of course!! If you purchase the print edition of The Condominium Manual without a subscription, you will still receive a FREE two week trial subscription that will allow you to access the online edition of the book until you receive your print edition in the mail!

If you can’t access TCM Online after placing an online order (offline orders require processing of payment), please contact us at [email protected]!

Where can I find The Condominium in stores?
The print edition of The Condominium Manual is available in independent bookstore across the province. If you local bookstore does not have it in stock, simply order it here or ask them to bring it in for you!

I am a book store. Can I order The Condominium Manual (print edition) in volume directly from this website?
Retail outlets are being supplied by our retail distributor Sandhill Book Marketing. Please contact them directly to place your order.

If you are a real estate board, trade association or simply someone who would like to purchase The Condominium Manual in volume, we are happy to sell directly to you. Bulk purchasing discounts are available through the web store and we are happy to quote you directly. Simply email [email protected] for more information.

Can I purcahse TCM Online subscriptions in volume/bulk?
Yes. We understand that a number of our customers, and in particular brokerages, real estate boards and education institutions, would like to establish and manage online accounts for their employees or students. We are happy to help set this up for you. Simply email [email protected] for pricing information and details on managing the subscriptions.

I am having technical problems with the Online Store. Is there something wrong with the website or my computer?
Some computer browsers may not be 100% compatible with this store.¬†We are constantly working to improve compatibility, but these things can take time. We recommend trying to place your order on a different computer or using a different browser. If you continue to experience a problems, please email [email protected] and we can arrange to place an order for you manually.