Subscription Cancellation Policy

Subscriptions May be Cancelled at Any Time
You may cancel your subscription at any time by selecting Cancel Subscription on the My Account page.

No Refund for Cancelled Subscriptions
If you cancel your subscription prior to its renewal date, you will not receive a refund for any unused portion of your subscription period.

Book Returns and Order Cancellation Policy

Books Damaged in Shipment
Items damaged in shipping must be returned immediately for replacement. Contact [email protected] to arrange for a shipping label to be mailed to you.

No Returns or Refunds for Undamaged Goods
Returns of undamaged goods are not accepted and refunds are not available for ONLINE subscription cancellations, although they may be transferred at the discretion of upon the request of the subscription holder. Contact [email protected] to transfer an account.

Order Cancellation
You can cancel your order within 48 hours, as long as your have not yet received a notice of shipping confirmation. Simply open a ticket in the Customer Support area under Sales->Order Cancellation or email [email protected] with ‘Order Cancellation’ in the subject line. Be sure to include all relevant details.

Offline Orders
If you have chosen to pay for your order through OFFLINE payment, please note that your order may be cancelled if payment is not received within two weeks of placing your order.